“Negative energy” doesn’t cause cancer: Don’t gamble your health on a game show host’s bad science

“Negative energy” doesn’t cause cancer: Don’t gamble your health on a game show host’s bad science  

Remember that quacks, even sincere ones have been plentiful since the beginning of man for a myriad of reasons. Let’s see if  the company does a multi institutional, blinded university trial with placebo and cross over design and large numbers. I doubt it- Bad science naughty company and typical game show host  

Welp, I guess Joe Biden’s going to have find something else to do with his time after he ends his term as vice president next year. Just forget that whole trying to make significant inroads in cancer treatment, fella. A UK game show host has figured it out.

Noel Edmonds is a venerable British disc jockey and the host of the English version of “Deal or No Deal.” The 67 year-old has also apparently unlocked the causes of and cures for cancer. On Tuesday, he tweeted an image of a device that looks like that Meyer machine from “The Path” or maybe a VCR from 1989, claiming, “A simple box that slows aging, reduces pain, lifts depression and stress and tackles cancer . Yep tackles cancer!” And on his own Web page, Edmonds says, “I know of people in remission from cancer who attribute this state in part to regular use of the Pad and arthritis suffers now free of crippling pain. The benefits go on and I can hear you saying ‘so if it’s so good Edmonds why haven’t I heard about it? Why hasn’t my doctor/consultant told me about it? Why is it such a secret? FRANKLY I HAVE NO IDEA!”

Whoa, somebody alert Dr. Oz! 

The device is an “EMP Pad” — an object that promises to “transform your health” by “applying a magnetic field to the cells in the body, sending them a weak electrical signal and influencing the interaction of the ions and the flow of nutrients within the cell.” It costs roughly $3,350.

Edmonds’ Twitter claim swiftly caught the attention of the Advertising Standards Authority, which said it could not offer a smackdown because it was not a paid endorsement. But the EMP Pad company itself offered some hasty damage control, assuring that “The opinions of Mr Noel Edmonds are his alone and do not reflect in any way with the opinions of us at EMP Pad. We had no discussion, input or prior knowledge of the content of Mr Edmonds’ statement and we do not agree with it in any way, shape or form.”

The company unfortunately then refused to quit while ahead, adding that “Although research using very low frequency and intensity PEMF to help address cancer has produced some promising early results, it is currently in the very early stages and EMP Pad does not make the claim that PEMF therapy can prevent cancer.”



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