As promised , I will reveal parts of every chapter to whet your appetite and this one and the one that follows are crucial to have any quality of life and regain the dignity as you become, with this book, back in control of being and also fell part of a team


It is anxiety that is the killer. We humans suffer most when not knowing all that needs known, especially when there is so much to fear. I choose, as do many dictionaries and as have countless great religious leaders and philosophers, to define anxiety as fear of the unknown.
I frequently relate a parable to my patients on this crucial subject. Let us travel back in time to the clan of the proverbial cave man. In one cave, somewhat safe from the elements and huddled about a fire, is a family fraught with anxiety towards the savage carnivores outside. These beasts only know this clan as prey. The clan shrinks under the weight of this knowledge, convinced that the predators will most assuredly find and devour them. The clan huddles all the closer, shaken by every foreign sound and every dimming of the fire. They dare not move. They are not ready to battle for their next meal or to survive. That is the primordial example of paralysis by analysis- as old as man is. That is anxiety.
In the hillside just to the east, another clan of warriors huddle. They know well the dangers that lurk and are ready to pounce as the fire dims and the sounds draw near. Fearful of what they know, and armed, they set forth into what will now be the known. History has shown us that this clan survives. That is the liberating power of fear inciting  action.,,,,,


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