Let us just walk around the table of contents. We open by addressing the hit in the gut issues that come up immediately. First are some thoughts about the right recipe for the right mindset in handling the journey. Believe or not, we are well wired to handle this stress. Thus, in ‘Read the Directions First’ we look at how we might have a recipe for mental and emotional success as we gird up to weather the storm.

Then we specifically address the crucial issue of autonomy, that you are an individual with explicit defined rights and that you can and will be in control.

We then address the problem of anxiety, its distinction from fear, the nature of cancer and the oncologist and the team they lead in your journey as well as how their world will become yours. This book teaches that anxiety……… READ THE BOOK


One thought on “TABLE OF CONTENTS

  1. Bruce Doucette

    My name is Bruce. I have a ministry for Cancer patients . Your post are so inspirational and helpful for my patients. I print out your post and as I minister to my patients we read them all together sometimes and we discuss them as a group. The ones I have used have brought great joy and a desire to keep fighting one. Thank you so much and look foward to many mire. If anyone would like to check us out I have a prayer and support group on Facebook as well. It’s called Hailey’s Warrior’s. In the groups. Thanks for listening and God Bless



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