So why this book and who is it for? The odds are over 40% that cancer will touch one’s life. Our nation spends over $150 billion dollars directly on cancer care per year. It is one of the largest single expenditures of the national health care budget. There will be over 500,000 deaths per year and over one million new cases. Including families, cancer touches almost four million people per year. There are few common medical realities that is surrounded by as much malefaction, mystique and misunderstanding. “When Tumor Is the Rumor and Cancer Is the Answer…” helps one see past the understandably macabre mythology.

This work attempts to address the needs for knowledge when receiving the overwhelming news that you may or do have cancer. It attempts to cover not just the fear of the diagnosis or certain aspects of the journey of care but the entire trek from when tumor is the rumor and cancer is the answer. It tries to envelope with knowledge the soul sucking sense of loss of control, anxiety’s favorite fodder and fuel.

Let us just walk around the table of contents. We open by addressing the hit in the gut issues that come up immediately.   To hear more, read the book…..


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