Most Cancers Due To Due To Extrinsic Factors, Research Suggests

Most Cancers Due To Due To Extrinsic Factors, Research Suggests.

This newspaper title suggest a widely held majority viewpoint. No it is not . It is widely held , so is the opposite viewpoint and the majority say we do not know. These are also newspaper headlines remember. Furthermore put on your logic cap; as we are living longer more cancer occurs- well, is that due to continued exposure to bad things or lack of doing the right things lifelong. Or a mixture.  Furthermore genes definitely age without any toxin exposure – is that lab data translatable to you or me. The point is  BOTH sides are getting heavily financed for research as they should and mythology and folk lore should remain out of the argument unless there is science sufficient to promote their critical evaluation ….and such things will come up , they always have.

The Los Angeles Times (12/17, Healy, 3.6M) reports that research published in Nature suggests that “environmental exposures, lifestyle choices and other factors that could be changed or avoided account for between 70% and 90% of the gene mutations that make cancerous tumors progress.”

STAT (12/17, Begley) reports that the researchers found that “unavoidable intrinsic risk factors [such as cell division] contribute only modestly, less than 10-30 percent, to the development of many common cancers.”

The San Diego Union-Tribune (12/17, Fikes, 534K) reports that this research “disputes research published” earlier this year in Science “that attributed most cancers to ‘bad luck,’ or in more scientific terms, random mutations that by chance lead to cancer.” Also covering the story are Newsday (NY) (12/17, Ricks, 1.42M), MedPage Today (12/17, Bankhead, 223K), BBC News (UK) (12/17, Gallagher, 1.57M), the Press Association (UK) (12/17), and the Telegraph (UK) (12/17, Knapton, 1.18M).

Researchers are developing  Mathematical Model To Determine if any conclusions at this very early  point in the data collection can be made. Most likely not and the issue remain one which will self reveal as we pursue both sides of the coin A huge mistake to only go one way and ignore them other for self apparent reasons


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