Risks of Traditional Herbal Medicine Use in Cancer Care in the Middle East

Risks of Traditional Herbal Medicine Use in Cancer Care in the Middle East


I cover this is some detail in an extensive chapter on complementary and alternative medicine . There  is virtually NO SCIENCE worth a plug nickel on almost all herbal medications , not all and some eventually do lead to phased trials and add to our armamentarium. The point is that I made it clear to my patients that if they did not tell me every single potion liniment oil whatever they were letting in or near or on their body They would need to find another Oncologist as I am not a Shaman or medicine man . I did not say if they did not stop. That is where the research and critical thinking by both the patient and I worked together to reach an agreement .If I felt clear more harm which includes the unknown, than good- they found a new home . I had a couple very respectfully decline therapy for nodular lymphoma and another for Hosking’s disease They are both dead due to their disease and I believe aided and abetted by what they put in their bodies. Read the chapter carefully and what I wrote carefully and you will have no problem . I did not say never and I did not say some do not eventually get shown to be  of superior aid than what we have





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