Over 19,000 people engaged, 384 are intending to buy the book and ten were given away, A few were bought outright

During the Goodreads contest a number of reviews by readers was posted and over 180 people placed it on their will read next list. Again the reviews were all 5 ( I got a 4.2 from the former Surgeon General- he is the son of a 4 star, knows me well and always give out the b+ to push you harder) I would like to give you the link (you may have to sign in as a guest and then use the book name) So here is the link and here is a beautiful review- choked me up- he gets it all…/17652506-when-tumor-is-the-rumo…


Aug 02, 2013 Grady rated it 5 of 5 stars · review of another edition

`Autonomy’ is the single most important word and concept the reader of this book must grasp’

Kevin P Ryan, MD is a physician, a sensitive clinician, a learned oncologist and a humanitarian whose mission in life is to champion doctor patient relationships. In this extraordinarily sensitive book Dr. Ryan talks about cancer – ALL about cancer, from premonitions and early signals to selecting a physician to testing to diagnosing to coping with the impact of the diagnosis both for the patient and family to treatments to prospects to responses to scientific advances to learning the art of coping with the end of life questions and how to manage those financially, emotionally, realistically and spiritually. And the unexpected joy of reading a book about cancer, this hefty information-packed easily-accessible book is one of the most tender supportive volumes that has been published – a true candidate for awards in the understanding of cancer, not only for patients and families involved in the journey of dealing with cancer, but a extraordinary textbook for medical students about the inestimable importance of doctor patient communication and relationships.

In Dr. Ryan’s eloquent yet homespun friendly introduction he offers the following: `This is not a medical text on the treatment of malignancy, per se, or prevention, screening, or cancer survivorship. This book describes what happens and what works best for the whole team when the possible diagnosis becomes the proven and potentially fatal diagnosis. A major aim of this book is the goal of reducing anxiety and helping those confronted with this disease to marshal their internal resources to conquer their natural fears and ultimately learn to become cancer survivors. I hope to address many of the often unspoken truths that, now found in one place, can act as a guide for what is for many the most frightening time of their lives. I hope to return that crucial sense of control.’

From that warmly supportive opening, Dr. Ryan explains the role and purview of oncology, the suspicion of a cancer, the avenues of diagnosis, treatments (very complete and complex), the symptoms and side effects of treatments, alternative treatments, a discussion on what to expect from a hospital experience, the long term follow-up with a compatible physician, the end of life discussion, how to use and not use the internet in gaining information, ethics, hospice and on and on. The reason this information is so beneficial to patients bearing the diagnosis is that all of the aspects of the diagnosis of cancer are covered so that the patient can take ownership of all aspects of having cancer and in doing so become a cancer survivor – that is, understanding all the steps that can be taken, the positive and negative aspects, the participation in the treatment with the team of physician, nurses, those who perform chemotherapy and radiation, as well as partnering with family and loved ones to make the diagnosis an open and thus non-threatening discussion.

Some may say this is too much information for a lay person to absorb or even face, but nothing could be further from the truth. Dr. Ryan’s belief in the autonomy of the patient in dealing with all aspects of the disease honors the patient by delivering every detail of the topic of cancer – without the full knowledge of the disease and all its permutations the patient would not be allowed the gift of full participation in every aspect of dealing with cancer. This book should become a best seller. Spread the word, and drop a note to your doctor recommending he/she read it too!

Grady Harp


Nov 25, 2015 Lacey rated it 5 of 5 stars
Shelves: first-reads

I received this book free from Goodreads giveaways. I feel honored to be able to have won this giveaway as I was diagnosed with a type of gynecological cancer six months ago. This book is a great reference for cancer patients. It covers a wide range of topics including diagnosis, treatment, side effects, mental health and the oncologist team. I found Dr. Ryan’s approach easy to read yet extremely informative. I would highly recommend to patients and their families.

“Superb! This thoroughly delightful book explores, explains, and puts in context our biggest fear- our own mortality! The very word “Canc…

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