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This is the link to Shelf Bound, the largest digital subscriber on line book store. My book is on page 101. You can double click on the image or use the angled arrows on the bottom right to see the book larger. You can of course read the ad text, link to the book web page and the reviews and the intro video and the blog and the vendors selling it and the audio book- all links are live and clearly marked…/…/shelf_unbound_august-september_2015 http

Shelf Unbound August/September 2015

This is a link to my book on shelf bound the largest digital on line bookstore- It is on page 101. You can expand the image by clicking on it or using the upward right sets of arrows on the lower right. All the links are live- the book web site, the intro video, the vendors where it is for sale, the reviews , how to reach the audio book and the blog .

Shelf Unbound August/September 2015

Shelf Unbound August/September 2015

Special Fifth Anniversary Issue reprises 35 of our favorite author interviews, from debut novelists to a Pulitzer Prize winner.

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