21-Gene Expression Assay Is Validated in Breast Cancer

21-Gene Expression Assay Is Validated in Breast Cancer

The New England Journal of Medicine

Remember , when breast cancer biopsies are removed and assessed for quite some time now we look to see if the cancer cells are estrogen and or progesterone and or Her s Neu positive and we have a good idea of how the various combinations affect  treatment and prognosis in broad terms. Bust as we have talked about a lot in the book and blog – it’s all in the gene of those little bugger cancer cells- their genes may show markers or combination of markers that we now have the technology to look for that may be VERY clear as to the prognosis and may give a lot of weight towards who gets therapy, what kind and what difference does it make Now beware – these are 5 year fllow up data not ten and 20 but statistically there is not a high likelihood intitial thoughts will change- they could though. This is great work. Do not get hung up on the tech speak- read the take home message  Dr Ryan



This abstract is available on the publisher’s site.

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