Study: Five-Day Diet Mimics Fasting And Reduces Cancer Risk.

Study: Five-Day Diet Mimics Fasting And Reduces Cancer Risk.

The Washington Post (6/23, Cha, 5.03M) reports physicians have been “loathe to recommend” fasting as a diet method, but now scientists have “developed a five-day, once-a-month diet that mimics fasting – and is safe.” The small study published in the journal Cell Metabolism and funded by the National Institute of Aging found that “participants who intermittently fasted for three months had reduced risk factors for an amazing range of issues: aging, cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease.” There were only 19 participants in the study, but the “promising” results are pushing University of Southern California researcher Valter D. Longo to try to get FDA approval to recommend the regimen to patients. The diet lets participants eat as they normally would for 25 days a month, but alters their diet over the course of five days with a static amount of calories divided into set percentages of protein, fat and carbohydrates.

Fox News (6/22, 9.4M) adds that the participants in the study who followed the Fasting Mimicking Diet “showed a significant reduction in the risk of developing type-2 diabetes, heart disease and cancer.” At the conclusion of the three-month trial, the participants had lost weight and their blood sugar levels were reduced. Possible side effects to the diet include disturbances to sleep patterns.


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