Will we see “Liquid Biopsies” ( blood or urine) gain an increasing role in diagnosing and following individual patients?

What if a ” Liquid Biopsy” = a simple blood or urine test could be used to Diagnose cancer. It is being looked at closely “Some Physicians Say Liquid Biopsies May Make Personalized Medicine Possible For More Patients” from ASCO General cancer news Monday May 11th -Stay Tuned…Press coverage is just beginning to ramp up


3 thoughts on “Will we see “Liquid Biopsies” ( blood or urine) gain an increasing role in diagnosing and following individual patients?

  1. Amy Sienna

    Currently, tissue biopsy, generally from the primary tumor, is used to determine molecular profiles at a single time point, before targeted therapy commences. Tissue biopsies carry some risks for patients, they are painful, costly, time-consuming, and most importantly, may not be a true representation of tumor heterogeneity. Tumor genomes are remarkably unstable and prone to clonal expansion under selection pressure, blood biopsies via circulating cell-free DNA (cfDNA) offer what tissue biopsies can’t, the opportunity to take serial samples for longitudinal monitoring of tumor genomic evolution in real time. CirculoGene’s proprietary cfDNA-based testing will allow clinicians to use finger-stick volumes of blood to ensure treatment efficacy, monitor drug resistance, metastasis and recurrence, tailoring patients to the right treatment for the right target without delay (5-7 days turnaround time).

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    1. drkevinryan Post author

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