Cancer Minorities, Aging Jocks and Melanoma

I had malignant melanoma and diagnosed it when I was training to become an Oncologist- NOW THAT WAS A HUMBLING EXPERIENCE!

The reactions I am getting from folks who took the time to go through the BOOK WEB SITE AT : and then buy the book  are 100% like the reviews.( 5/5)  We have got to find some way to get a big fish to help spread the word of this non profit endeavor- If I can talk to producers I will.. There will be much joy in Mudville  if this  OLE JOCK HEVVIE KEVVIE gets a swing- we need a breakthrough on the cancer survivor front, the Christian front as well as my minorities piece  recently added

I CAN SING AND PLAY INSTRUMENTS?????? I’m telling ya , I play well to the camera . Maybe a  little dance step or three? Whatever it takes

They used to call me Hevvie Kevvie because  of two reasons- How I did  academically and the way I did it- another story another day…and it got resurrected when I was the pitcher and cleanup batter for the all officer USAF team ( softball)

Fun memories    for Doc Jock Ryan–the other Nome de guerre before the bilateral shoulder dislocations, having some fun cuz that minorities piece was a bear to put together


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